Babylon Village Museum Grand Re-Opening


The Historical & Preservation Society proudly achieved the Grand Re-Opening of the Babylon Village Museum on Saturday, September 24, 2022. This event marked the completion of a two-year renovation project to restore the historic building to its original glory. Attendees of the Grand Re-Opening were also witness to the Re-dedication of the Museum’s flagpole.

The Historical & Preservation Society is honored to provide a museum that conveys the amazing transformation of Babylon Village throughout the eras. The museum will showcase the rich history of Babylon Village, from its founding to the present day. A place where the community can learn about our history through exhibits and resources and also enjoy activities and events to ensure Babylon Village continues to flourish.

The Babylon Village Museum is pleased to present a photo album from the historic Grand Re-Opening that took place on Main Street. This was a momentous occasion for the village, and we are proud to share these photos with the community. We hope that you enjoy looking through the album and learning more about the Babylon Village Museum and those that partook in this historic event.

Thank you for your interest in our museum and our community!

Babylon Village Museum Grand Re-Opening Picture Gallery